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Cable Percussive Drilling

What is cable percussive drilling?

Cable percussion drilling or shell and auger is by far the most common method of drilling used for geotechnical site or ground investigations in the UK. Depending upon ground conditions, VC Drilling are capable of reaching depths of up to 80m boreholes with a diameter of 150mm to 300mm.

The rigs are powered by diesel engines and require a working headroom of around 6m and area of around 4-8 meters. We ensure all our SPT equipment is calibrated regularly and have adequate certification.

Cable Percussive Drilling UK
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Cable percussive drilling with VC Drilling

Our fully trained team of engineers all have CSCS cards and are qualified to at least NVQ level 2 in land drilling. With VC drilling, you know you are in safe and reliable hands.

If you are looking for drilling experts able to achieve exceptional depths then please get in contact. 

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